Saturday 1 Oct 2016

'Written Locally' (new) with: Nicky Hansell

Come and listen to local author, Nicky Hansell, read from her book 'The Sage Train'.

Castle Hill Bookshop, 10.00am-midday, Free entry.

'Written Locally' (new) with: ...and finally George Jowett

Come to the last 'Written Locally' event of the Festival and listen to local poet, George Jowett, read his work.

Castle Hill Bookshop, 2.00-4.00pm, Free entry.

E9: Book Event - Sarah Meyrick and Retired Bishop, John Pritchard: 'One more step along the World'

Sarah Meyrick and Retired Bishop, John Pritchard: 'One more step along the World'.


Venue & Time: St Mary’s Church Richmond DL10 7AQ; Disabled access; 7.30pm


Tickets £6 with profits being donated to St Mary’s Church Bell-Appeal

‘Books and Boots’ Festival-goers know that people who enjoy a good walk often enjoy a good book too. But what is it about walking and storytelling that makes them such happy companions? Why does the open road encourage the sharing of confidences? And how is it that pilgrimage is so popular at a time when organised religion in western Europe is in decline? The retired Bishop of Oxford and prolific writer talks to the author Sarah Meyrick about her debut novel ‘Knowing Anna’ which is set on the Pilgrims’ Way to Canterbury – and finds out what inspired her to write a contemporary Canterbury Tale.


Refreshments, as well as wine generously provided by John Pritchard, included in the ticket


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E10: Book Event - Ian Short, 'Swaledale in the Footsteps of Ella Pontefract & Marie Hartley'

Ian Short, in partnership with the Swaledale Outdoor Club: ‘Swaledale: In The Footsteps of Ella Pontefract & Marie Hartley’.


Venue & Time: Townsend Suite, The Station Richmond DL10 7AQ, Disabled access; 7.30pm

Tickets: £6

In the 1930s, Ella and Marie travelled throughout Swaledale and they grew to love the land scape, people and traditions of the dale. Their book "Swaledale" depicts an age that has largely disappeared but Swaledale, along with the other North Pennine dales are as much cherished today as in the earlier 20th century. The presentation shows a photographer's view of Ella and Marie's writing on Swaledale.

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